Impression I10

Many issues

I don't like this tablet.

Market problem

No Android Market / Google Play

It doesn't have Android Market nor Google Play officially. Of course it can unofficially be installed, but that doesn't fix the compatibility of applicaltions.

Amazon Market

Leader International INC, the author of this tablet, suggests installing Amazon Market in one of the papers which come with this device. This has a problem that you must give credit card details even with free applicaltions. I don't want to give my credit card details just to get free applications!


F-Droid is the solution for this problem. It describes itself as "an easily-installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform.".


How can I have forgotten GetJar? It's the first place where I ever downloaded phone applications and where Angry Birds was originally released.

It even works with this tablet like my old Nokia 6125 :D

Application compatibility

I am experiencing many issues with different applicaltions on this tablet. Luckily F-Droid clearly tells where the issue trackers and homepages are.

I will list them in them in table below

Issue Fixed? Fix in F-Droid? Upstream issue More details
WiFi Fixer crashes when it's started Yes Yes Gives "force close" messages on Impression I10 tablet. · Issue #11 · Zanshinmu/Wifi-Fixer
"The crash is caused by a framework method that should be there in Android 2.3.x not existing."
Firefox for Android crashes when started ? ? 795572 – Firefox for Android crashes shortly after starting it on Impression I10
"Should we consider blocklisting the Impression i10? We use many Gingerbread+ APIs and checking them all via reflection instead of Build.VERSION.SDK_INT does not seem practical. "
GitHub for Android crashes when started ? ? Crashes when started on Impression I10 tablet. · Issue #238 · github/android
"This exception:""is due to a broken implementation of Java on this OEM's custom ROM."
Barcode Scanner crashes when started Invalid
Issue 1377 - zxing - Crashes on start with Impression I10 - Multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library with clients for Android, Java - Google Project Hosting "This is a device bug..."
Android Terminal Emulator crashes when started
"Going to close as a device bug that we aren't going to work around. "
Crashes immediately after started on ImpressionI10. · Issue #162 · jackpal/Android-Terminal-Emulator
"Assuming your ROM reports that it's API 9 (Android 2.3) or later, it's broken -- is documented as being available in API 9 and up."

Why "Fix in F-Droid"? It's the only market which I remembered when I started writing this page. I didn't remember GetJar that time.

ADB logcat doesn't work.

  1. I have plugged the USB cable.
  2. USB debugging reports to be on.
  3. Device detects the cable.
  4. I have tested ADB with another device and it worked.

It's good that at least alogcat works. I haven't tested other features of adb yet.

What happens when I run it? Nothing as you can see below.

% adb logcat
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
- waiting for device -

Something works :)


I tried installing some games from F-Droid and for some reason they all work. Below there is another table of games which I installed and what I thought about them.

Game Status
Andor's Trail I am lost. I should go to "storage cave" and I cannot find it. There are too many caves and the nearest one was empty.
Chess Walk I keep losing...
Dots'n'Boxes I didn't read the description and thought that this was just X and O game, but was surprised by it being in German and I didn't understand anything.
GL Tron I keep losing in this too...
Taps Of Fire Maybe I am a little better on this than Frets on Fire, but I am bad in this.
Vector Pinball My new favourite Android game :D

Angry Birds doesn't work, but it's from GetJar not from F-Droid :(

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